Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Master : E. Dupoux, "Theoretical Cognitive Science: Connections and symbols", 8h, M1/M2, PSL,Paris 5, Paris France

  • Master : E. Dupoux (with B. Sagot, ALMANACH, N. Zeghidour & R. Riad, COML), "Algorithms for speech and language processing", 30h, M2, (MVA), ENS Cachan, France

  • Master : E. Dupoux, "Cognitive Engineering", 80h, M2, ITI-PSL, Paris France

  • Doctorat : E. Dupoux, "Computational models of cognitive development", 32 h, Séminaire EHESS, Paris France


  • PhD : Julia Maria Carbajal, Separation and acquisition of two languages in early childhood: a multidisciplinary approach, Ecole Normale Supérieure, sept 21, 2018, co-advised E. Dupoux, S. Peperkamp

  • PhD : Adriana Rukoz Gevara, Decoding perceptual epenthesis: Experiments and Modelling., Ecole Normale Supérieure, oct 19, 2018, co-advised E. Dupoux, S. Peperkamp

  • PhD in progress : Neil Zeghidour, Learning speech features from raw signals, Feb 2015, co-advised E. Dupoux, N. Usunier (Facebook-CIFRE)

  • PhD in progress : Elin Larsen, Models of word learning in infants, Sept 2017, co-advised E. Dupoux, A. Cristia– abandon

  • PhD in progress : Rama Chaabouni, Language learning in artificial agents, Sept 2017, co-advised E. Dupoux, M. Baroni (Facebook-CIFRE)

  • PhD in progress : Ronan Riochet, Learning models of intuitive physics, Sept 2017, co-advised E. Dupoux, I. Laptev, J. Sivic

  • PhD in progress : Rachid Riad, "Speech technology for biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases" , Sept 2018, co-advised E. Dupoux, A.-C. Bachoud-Lévi


E. Dupoux participated in the PhD Jury of Andreux Mathieu, Nov 12, ENS, 2018.