Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

DELYS has a CIFRE contract with Scality SA:

  • Dimitrios Vasilas is advised by Marc Shapiro and Brad King. He works on secondary indexing in large-scale storage systems under weak consistency.

DELYS has two CIFRE contracts with Magency SA:

  • Damien Carver is advised by Julien Sopena and Sébatien Monnet. He works on designing kernel-level mechanisms that automatically give more memory to the most active containers.

  • Lyes Hamidouche is advised by Pierre Sens and Sébatien Monnet. He works on efficient data dissemination among a large number of mobile devices. He defended his thesis in April 2018.

DELYS has two contracts with Orange within the I/O Lab joint laboratory:

  • Guillaume Fraysse is advised by Jonathan Lejeune, Julien Sopena, and Pierre Sens. He works on distributed resources allocation in virtual network environments.

  • Jonathan Sid-Otmane is advised by Marc Shapiro. He studies the applications of distributed databases to the needs of the telco industry in the context of 5G.