Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives


Participants: Arnaud Legout, Mondi Ravi, David Migliacci, Abdelhakim Akodadi, Yanis Boussad.

The ElectroSmart project benefits form the following fundings:

  • a 39 months engineering position from the UCN@Sophia Labex for the 2016-2019 period (Ravi Mondi is hired on this position)

  • 30KEuros from Academy 1 of UCAJedi

  • a two years engineering position from an Inria ADT for 2017/2019 (Abdelhakim Akodadi)

  • a 18 months business developer from Inria ATT for june 2017-june 2019 (David Migliacci)

  • a 3 years 2017/2020 Ph.D. thesis from Academy 1 of UCAJedi (Yanis Boussad)

D2D Indoor

Participants: Chadi Barakat, Zeineb Guizani.

This project is joint with the NFCOM startup in Nice, specialized in the development of new services for mobile phones. The project aims at leveraging mobile to mobile communications for offloading the cellular infrastructure, and will target a solution based on algorithms previously developed in the DIANA project-team (BitHoc and HBSD). The project got a funding for one year engineer from the Labex. Zeineb Guizani has been working on this project since July 2018.