Section: New Software and Platforms


Convert tabulated data into RDF and create SPARQL queries intuitively and "on the fly".

Keywords: RDF - SPARQL - Querying - Graph - LOD - Linked open data

Functional Description: AskOmics aims at bridging the gap between end user data and the Linked (Open) Data cloud. It allows heterogeneous bioinformatics data (formatted as tabular files) to be loaded in a RDF triplestore and then be transparently and interactively queried. AskOmics is made of three software blocks: (1) a web interface for data import, allowing the creation of a local triplestore from user's datasheets and standard data, (2) an interactive web interface allowing "à la carte" query-building, (3) a server performing interactions with local and distant triplestores (queries execution, management of users parameters).

News Of The Year: (1) Improvements: Bugfixes and ui improvements in response to user feedback. (2) Versionning: Regular development cycle: a new version of AskOmics will be available every 3 months (currently 18.10, next 19.01) (3) Deployment: Deployment has been improved with docker and docker-compose. Virtual machine images are available on genostack to easy deploy AskOmics and Virtuoso (4) Federation: AskOmics can perform federated queries on mutliple triplestores, including other AskOmics endpoints, but also external endpoints like uniprot or dbpedia. (still in development)

  • Authors: Charles Bettembourg, Xavier Garnier, Anthony Bretaudeau, Fabrice Legeai, Olivier Dameron, Olivier Filangi and Yvanne Chaussin

  • Partners: Université de Rennes 1 - CNRS - INRA

  • Contact: Olivier Dameron

  • URL: https://github.com/askomics/askomics