Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Ecosyst (Brittany region)

Participants : Marie Chevallier, Clémence Frioux, Anne Siegel.

This project aims at creating a regional research network related to the emerging topic of systems ecology, together with the development of tools to be shared by the researchers. It is co-leaded by OSUR (environmental lab) and Dyliss. 2016-2018. Total grant: 100k€

Ph.D. fundings from Université, Inria Rennes and Inserm

The team benefits from the funding of Ph.D. theses by Univ. Rennes (L. Bourneuf, 2016-2019 – H. Talibart, 2017-2020 – N. Guillaudeux, 2018-2021), by Inria (C. Frioux, 2015-2018), by Inserm (M. Louarn, 2017-2019, Inria-Inserm PhD Grant program), and by our collaborators from IRSET (M. Conan, 2017-2020 - P. Vignet, 2018-2020).