Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in European Programs, Except FP7 & H2020

  • Program: Polish National Science Center

  • Project acronym: NCN 2016/21/B/ST6/02158

  • Project title: Grammatical inference methods in classification of amyloidogenic proteins

  • Duration: January 2017 - January 2020

  • Coordinator: Olgierd Unold, Politechnika Wroclawska

  • Other partners: Politechnika Wroclawska (Polland)

  • Abstract: The objective is to develop the methods for induction of context-free and probabilistic grammars to describe a language matching amyloidogenic protein sequences.

Collaborations with Major European Organizations

  • Partner: University of Potsdam, Computer science department (Germany)

  • Title: Modeling combinatorial and hybrid problems with Answer Set Programming