Section: New Results

Models for Reliability

Participant : Ivan Lanese.


We have continued the study of reversibility started in the past years, concentrating on contracts and debugging, and applying the results related to debugging to the Erlang programming language. Concerning contracts, in [12] we further studied the retractable contracts that we defined in previous work. The main novelty consists in showing how retractable contracts can be obtained by taking standard contracts, making them reversible using the general approach presented by Phillips and Ulidowski  [44], and then applying suitable control policies.

Concerning debugging, we highlighted in [18] the general approach that can be used to build a causal-consistent reversible debugger for a given language. We then instantiated this general approach to a relevant subset of the language Erlang, first defining uncontrolled and controlled reversible semantics for it [16], and then building an actual causal-consistent reversible debugger called CauDEr [32].