Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

The set of applications enabled through FUN and IoT is very large and can apply in every application area. We can thus not be exhaustive but among the most spread applications, we can name every area, event, environmental or animal monitoring, understanding and protection. To illustrate this, we may refer to the use cases addressed by our AgriNet project which goals is to monitor vineyards and potatoes fields with smart communicating devices to fight against water waste.

Other field of application is exploration of hostile and/or unknown environment by a fleet of self-organizing robots that cooperate with RFID and sensors to ensure a continue monitoring afterwards.

Also, IoT and FUN can play a key role in logistics and traceability by relying on the use of sensors or RFID technologies as implemented in our STORECONNECT project or our collaboration with the start up TRAXENS.

Finally, IoT and FUN leverage a lot of applications in Smart City concept , ranging from parking aid to a better energy consumption going through air quality monitoring, traffic fluidizing etc. (See our CityLab Inria).