Section: New Software and Platforms


Embedded Verifier for Transitive Control Flow

Keywords: Control Flow - JavaCard - Embedded systems - Embedded - Security - Code analysis

Functional Description: Verification of transitive control flow policies on JavaCard 2.x bytecode. Control flow policies expressed using a DSL language are embedded in JavaCard packages (CAP files) using EVe-TCF convert tool. Control flow policies are then statically verified on-device at loading-time thanks to an embedded verifier (designed for smart cards in EVe-TCF). EVe-TCF (Embedded Verifier for Transitive Control Flow ) also contains an off-device (i.e. PC tool) to simulate on-device loading process of JavaCard 2.x platforms with GlobalPlatform 2.x installed.

  • Participants: Arnaud Fontaine and Isablle Simplot Ryl

  • Contact: Nathalie Mitton