Section: New Results

Private information retrieval

Participants : Daniel Augot, Nicholas Coxon, Julien Lavauzelle, Françoise Levy-Dit-Vehel.

J. Lavauzelle continued his study on private information retrieval (PIR) protocols. First, he completed the construction of PIR protocols from transversal designs [8], initiated in 2017. Compared to existing protocols, the main benefit of the construction is to feature an optimal computation complexity for the servers. Sublinear communication complexity and negligeable storage overhead can also be achieved for some particular instances.

Second, in a joint work with R. Tajeddine, R. Freij-Hollanti and C. Hollanti from the University of Aalto (Finland), J. Lavauzelle considered the setting in which the database is encoded with an optimal regenerating code [16]. Quantitatively, their construction of PIR protocols improves upon a recent work of Dorkson and Ng, for every non-trivial set of parameters.