Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Bioinformatics - Biology - Biomedical imaging

Scientific Description: FluoBacTracker is an ImageJ plugin allowing the segementation and tracking of growing bacterial cells from time-lapse microscopy movies. The segmentation and tracking algorithms used by FluoBacTracker have been developed by Lionel Moisan and colleagues at Université Paris Descartes.

Functional Description: FluoBacTracker has the following functionalities: 1) Select regions of interest in images of microcolonies 2) Denoise and renormalize the images 3) Identify each cells in each image (segmentation) 4) Follow cells through the whole movie (tracking), including the detection of cells washed out from a microfluidics channel 5) Detect divisions and construct cell lineage of the population

News Of The Year: Version 2 of FluoBacTracker also allows the analysis of microscopy of bacteria growing in a microfluidics device called "mother machine".

  • Participants: Hugues Berry, Cyril Dutrieux, Hidde De Jong, Charles Kervrann, David Parsons and Magali Vangkeosay

  • Partners: Université Descartes - UGA

  • Contact: Hugues Berry

  • URL: http://fluobactracker.inrialpes.fr