Section: New Software and Platforms


Browser fingerprinting via Extensions and Login-Leaks

Keywords: Browser Extensions - Security and Privacy in Web Services - Social Networks Security and Privacy

Functional Description: Recent studies show that users can be tracked based on their web browser properties. This software is designed to conduct an experiment on such kinds of user tracking. In this experiment, we demonstrate that a Web user can also be tracked by

- her browser extensions (such as AdBlock, Pinterest, or Ghostery), and

- the websites she has logged in (such as Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter).

In the experiment, we collect user's browser fingerprint, together with the browser extensions installed and a list of websites she has logged in. We only collect anonymous data during the experiment (more details in our Privacy Policy (https://extensions.inrialpes.fr/privacy.php)), we will securely store the data on an Inria server, use it only for research purposes and not share it with anyone outside of Inria.