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Section: Research Program

Relation to Code and Optimization

While models considered in Kairos can also be considered as executable specifications (through abstract simulation schemes), they can also lead to code synthesis and deployment. Conversely, code execution of smaller, elementary software components can lead to performance estimation enriching the models before global mapping optimization. CPS introduce new challenging problems for code performance stability. Indeed, two additional factors for performance variability appear, which were not present in classical embedded systems: 1) variable and continuous data input from the physical world and 2) variable underlying hardware platform. For the first factor, CPS software must be analysed in conjunction with its data input coming from the physics, so the variability of the performance may come from the various data. For the second factor, the underlying hardware of the CPS may change during the time (new computing actors appear or disappear, some actors can be reconfigured during execution). The new challenge is to understand how these factors influence performance variability exactly, and how to provide solutions to reduce it or to model it. The modeling of performance variability becomes a new input.