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  • The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. These reports include the team members, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants, contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

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Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Some members of the project-team LACODAM are also faculty members and are actively involved in computer science teaching programs in ISTIC, INSA and Agrocampus-Ouest. Besides these usual teachings LACODAM is involved in the following programs:

  1. Master 2 IL, CCN: Option Machine Learning, Istic, University of Rennes 1, 32h (E. Fromont)

  2. Master 2 DMV Module: Data Mining and Visualization, 13h, M2, Istic, University of Rennes 1 (A. Termier)

  3. Master 1 SIF: Option IA, Istic, 20h University of Rennes 1 (A. Termier, E. Fromont)

  4. Master 2 DataViz with R 10h, Computer Science for BigData 30h, Master Datascience, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (Louis Bonneau, C. Largouët)

  5. Master 1 Scientific Programming, Data Management, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (C. Largouët)

  6. INSA 4 Project Interpretability of Time series Machine Learning algorithms. (L. Rozé, M. Guillemé)


  • PhD defended in 2018: Yann Dauxais, “Query-language for Care-pathway Mining and Analysis", 01/02/2015, D. Gross-Amblard, T. Guyet, A. Happe

  • PhD defended in 2018: Clément Gautrais, “Mining Massive Data from Client Purchases", 01/10/2015, A. Termier, P. Cellier, T. Guyet and R. Quiniou

  • PhD defended in 2018: Romain Deville, “Fouille de Grilles Spatio-temporelles Appliquée à la Classification d'Images et à l'Analyse d'Automates Cellulaires", 30/05/2018, E. Fromont, C. Solnon (Lyon), B. Jeudy (Saint-Etienne).

  • PhD in progress: Maël Guillemé, “New Data Mining Approaches for Improving Energy Consumption in Factories”, 03/10/2016, L. Rozé, V. Masson, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Maël Gueguen, “Improving the Performance and Energy Efficiency of Complex Heterogeneous Manycore Architectures with On-chip Data Mining”, 01/11/2016, O. Sentieys, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Alban Siffer, “Data Mining Approaches for Cyber Attack Detection”, 03/2016, P-A Fouque, A. Termier, C. Largouët.

  • PhD in progress: Colin Leverger, “Cluster Resources Optimization Through Forecasting and Management of Metric Time Series", 01/10/2017, T. Guyet, S. Malinowski, R. Marguerie, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Raphaël Gauthier, “Modelling of Nutrient Utilization and Precision Feeding of Lactating Sows”, 01/11/2017, C. Largouët, J.-Y. Dourmad

  • PhD in progress: Kévin Fauvel, “Using Data mining Techniques for Improving Dairy Management”, 01/10/2017, V. Masson, A. Termier, P. Faverdin

  • PhD in progress: Anh Duong Nguyen, “Compression Based Pattern Mining”, 01/03/2018, R. Gaudel, P. Cellier, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Johanne Bakalara, “Temporal Model of Care pathway to Query Medico-administrative Databases", 01/10/2018, T. Dameron O., Oger E., Guyet, S. A. Happe

  • PhD in progress: Erwan Bourrand, “Interactive Data Mining for Root Cause Analysis of Performance Issues in Networks”, 03/12/2018, L. Galárraga, E. Fromont, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Heng Zhang, “Deep Learning on Multimodal Data for the Supervision of Sensitive Sites”, 03/12/2018, E. Fromont, S. Lefevre

  • PhD in progress: Yichang Wang, “Interpretable Shapelet for Anomaly Detection in Time Series”, 15/04/2018, E. Fromont, S. Malinowski, R. Tavenard, R. Emonet


  • PHD defenses (E. Fromont): Jean Ogier, Paris (reviewer); Maxime Chabert, Lyon (committee member); Wissam Siblini, Nantes (committee member, president); Michaël Blot, Paris (committee member, president); Nicolas Audebert, Paris (committee member, president); Hoang Viet Tuan Nguyen, Annecy (reviewer); Soufiane Belharbi, Rouen (reviewer); Romain Deville, Lyon (supervisor); Bastien Moysset, Lyon (reviewer); Géraud Le Falher, Lille (committee member).

  • Reviewer for the HDR defense of Claude Pasquier (Univ. Nice), defended on 20/09/2018 (A. Termier)

  • Examiner for the HDR defense of Marc Plantevit (Univ. Lyon 1), defended on 14/12/2018 (A. Termier)

  • Committee member for the PhD defense of Clément Gautrais (Univ. Rennes), defended on 16/10/2018 (A. Termier, T. Guyet, R. Quiniou)

  • Committee member for the PhD defense of Yann Dauxais (Univ. Rennes), defended on 13/04/2018 (T. Guyet)

  • Member of the hiring committee for Lille MCF27-0076, Paris-Sud PR27-0122, Saint-Etienne TSE MCF27-511 as president (E. Fromont)

  • Member of the INRA research hiring committee on 25/04/2018 (MIA/INRA) (T. Guyet)

  • Member of the associate professor hiring committee on 23/04/2018 (LERIA/Univ. Angers) (T. Guyet)

  • Member of the associate professor hiring committee MCF0942 of Polytech Nancy (A. Termier)

  • Thesis advisory committee member:

    • T. Guyet: Caglayan Tuna (UBS)

    • A. Termier: Mathilde Chen (INRA), Lucas Bourneuf (Univ. Rennes)