Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Some members of the project-team LACODAM are also faculty members and are actively involved in computer science teaching programs in ISTIC, INSA and Agrocampus-Ouest. Besides these usual teachings LACODAM is involved in the following programs:

  1. Master 2 IL, CCN: Option Machine Learning, Istic, University of Rennes 1, 32h (E. Fromont)

  2. Master 2 DMV Module: Data Mining and Visualization, 13h, M2, Istic, University of Rennes 1 (A. Termier)

  3. Master 1 SIF: Option IA, Istic, 20h University of Rennes 1 (A. Termier, E. Fromont)

  4. Master 2 DataViz with R 10h, Computer Science for BigData 30h, Master Datascience, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (Louis Bonneau, C. Largouët)

  5. Master 1 Scientific Programming, Data Management, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (C. Largouët)

  6. INSA 4 Project Interpretability of Time series Machine Learning algorithms. (L. Rozé, M. Guillemé)


  • PhD defended in 2018: Yann Dauxais, “Query-language for Care-pathway Mining and Analysis", 01/02/2015, D. Gross-Amblard, T. Guyet, A. Happe

  • PhD defended in 2018: Clément Gautrais, “Mining Massive Data from Client Purchases", 01/10/2015, A. Termier, P. Cellier, T. Guyet and R. Quiniou

  • PhD defended in 2018: Romain Deville, “Fouille de Grilles Spatio-temporelles Appliquée à la Classification d'Images et à l'Analyse d'Automates Cellulaires", 30/05/2018, E. Fromont, C. Solnon (Lyon), B. Jeudy (Saint-Etienne).

  • PhD in progress: Maël Guillemé, “New Data Mining Approaches for Improving Energy Consumption in Factories”, 03/10/2016, L. Rozé, V. Masson, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Maël Gueguen, “Improving the Performance and Energy Efficiency of Complex Heterogeneous Manycore Architectures with On-chip Data Mining”, 01/11/2016, O. Sentieys, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Alban Siffer, “Data Mining Approaches for Cyber Attack Detection”, 03/2016, P-A Fouque, A. Termier, C. Largouët.

  • PhD in progress: Colin Leverger, “Cluster Resources Optimization Through Forecasting and Management of Metric Time Series", 01/10/2017, T. Guyet, S. Malinowski, R. Marguerie, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Raphaël Gauthier, “Modelling of Nutrient Utilization and Precision Feeding of Lactating Sows”, 01/11/2017, C. Largouët, J.-Y. Dourmad

  • PhD in progress: Kévin Fauvel, “Using Data mining Techniques for Improving Dairy Management”, 01/10/2017, V. Masson, A. Termier, P. Faverdin

  • PhD in progress: Anh Duong Nguyen, “Compression Based Pattern Mining”, 01/03/2018, R. Gaudel, P. Cellier, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Johanne Bakalara, “Temporal Model of Care pathway to Query Medico-administrative Databases", 01/10/2018, T. Dameron O., Oger E., Guyet, S. A. Happe

  • PhD in progress: Erwan Bourrand, “Interactive Data Mining for Root Cause Analysis of Performance Issues in Networks”, 03/12/2018, L. Galárraga, E. Fromont, A. Termier

  • PhD in progress: Heng Zhang, “Deep Learning on Multimodal Data for the Supervision of Sensitive Sites”, 03/12/2018, E. Fromont, S. Lefevre

  • PhD in progress: Yichang Wang, “Interpretable Shapelet for Anomaly Detection in Time Series”, 15/04/2018, E. Fromont, S. Malinowski, R. Tavenard, R. Emonet


  • PHD defenses (E. Fromont): Jean Ogier, Paris (reviewer); Maxime Chabert, Lyon (committee member); Wissam Siblini, Nantes (committee member, president); Michaël Blot, Paris (committee member, president); Nicolas Audebert, Paris (committee member, president); Hoang Viet Tuan Nguyen, Annecy (reviewer); Soufiane Belharbi, Rouen (reviewer); Romain Deville, Lyon (supervisor); Bastien Moysset, Lyon (reviewer); Géraud Le Falher, Lille (committee member).

  • Reviewer for the HDR defense of Claude Pasquier (Univ. Nice), defended on 20/09/2018 (A. Termier)

  • Examiner for the HDR defense of Marc Plantevit (Univ. Lyon 1), defended on 14/12/2018 (A. Termier)

  • Committee member for the PhD defense of Clément Gautrais (Univ. Rennes), defended on 16/10/2018 (A. Termier, T. Guyet, R. Quiniou)

  • Committee member for the PhD defense of Yann Dauxais (Univ. Rennes), defended on 13/04/2018 (T. Guyet)

  • Member of the hiring committee for Lille MCF27-0076, Paris-Sud PR27-0122, Saint-Etienne TSE MCF27-511 as president (E. Fromont)

  • Member of the INRA research hiring committee on 25/04/2018 (MIA/INRA) (T. Guyet)

  • Member of the associate professor hiring committee on 23/04/2018 (LERIA/Univ. Angers) (T. Guyet)

  • Member of the associate professor hiring committee MCF0942 of Polytech Nancy (A. Termier)

  • Thesis advisory committee member:

    • T. Guyet: Caglayan Tuna (UBS)

    • A. Termier: Mathilde Chen (INRA), Lucas Bourneuf (Univ. Rennes)