Section: New Software and Platforms

ShEx validator

Validation of Shape Expression schemas

Keywords: Data management - RDF

Functional Description: Shape Expression schemas is a formalism for defining constraints on RDF graphs. This software allows to check whether a graph satisfies a Shape Expressions schema.

Release Functional Description: ShExJava now uses the Commons RDF API and so support RDF4J, Jena, JSON-LD-Java, OWL API and Apache Clerezza. It can parse ShEx schema in the ShEcC, ShEJ, ShExR formats and can serialize a schema in ShExJ.

To validate data against a ShExSchema using ShExJava, you have two different algorithms: - the refine algorithm: compute once and for all the typing for the whole graph - the recursive algorithm: compute only the typing required to answer a validate(node,ShapeLabel) call and forget the results.