Section: Dissemination


Articles and contents

Nazim Fatès and Irène Marcovici presented an article on cellular automata in the wide audience scientific magazine La recherche [23]. This article appeared in an issue dedicated to “chaos and complexity” (July-August 2018).

Simon Perdrix has been one of the editors of the ERCIM news special issue on Quantum Computing.


Nazim Fatès participated in a day of training destined to high school teachers of the “Académie de Poitiers” with a conference and discussions with the participants. The meeting was held on April 25, 2018, in the Lycée Victor Hugo of Poitiers and was also followed on the internet by teachers located abroad (DOM-TOM).


Nazim Fatès participated to a debate for a large public on the theme "Space and artificial intelligence" in the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie in Paris. This debate was part of a series of events dedicated to celebrations of the fiftieth year of the film 2001, A space Odyssey.

Nazim Fatès joined the Pariscience Festival for animating a debate on artificial intelligence with high-school students of the region of Paris. The discussion, held together with a researcher from the INSERM institute, followed the projection of the film IA : votre nouveau cerveau and a collective game to debate on the question of artificial intelligence.

Nazim Fatès participated in an open debate on the theme: “L'intelligence artificielle, quel avenir pour les artistes et créateurs d'aujourd'hui ?”. This debate was held in conjunction with the RING Theater Festival in Nancy (Rencontres Internationales des Nouvelles Générations) in April 2018.

Nazim Fatès participated in an open debate on the general theme of joining science and art in conjunction with the exposition “Retina Pictonique” which was held in July 2018 in Toulouse in the CEMES Laboratory.

Nazim Fatès participated in an open debate on the theme “L'intelligence artificielle est-elle vraiment maligne ?” in the Shadok fab-lab of Strasbourg. The debate gathered more than a hundred persons and was preceded by an interview in the magazine Rue 89 Strasbourg.

Internal action

Nazim Fatès gave a talk on artificial intelligence in the Café-In meeting, one of the Inria Nancy Grand-Est series of talks destined to all the employees of the laboratory (March 13, 2018).

Frédéric Dupuis also gave a Café'In talk on quantum computing (February 13, 2018).