Section: New Software and Platforms


Bedwyr - A proof search approach to model checking

Keyword: Model Checker

Functional Description: Bedwyr is a generalization of logic programming that allows model checking directly on syntactic expressions that possibly contain bindings. This system, written in OCaml, is a direct implementation of two recent advances in the theory of proof search.

It is possible to capture both finite success and finite failure in a sequent calculus. Proof search in such a proof system can capture both may and must behavior in operational semantics. Higher-order abstract syntax is directly supported using term-level lambda-binders, the nabla quantifier, higher-order pattern unification, and explicit substitutions. These features allow reasoning directly on expressions containing bound variables.

The distributed system comes with several example applications, including the finite pi-calculus (operational semantics, bisimulation, trace analyses, and modal logics), the spi-calculus (operational semantics), value-passing CCS, the lambda-calculus, winning strategies for games, and various other model checking problems.