Section: New Software and Platforms


Proof-Search factorY for Collaborative HEuristics

Functional Description: Psyche is a modular platform for automated or interactive theorem proving, programmed in OCaml and built on an architecture (similar to LCF) where a trusted kernel interacts with plugins. The kernel offers an API of proof-search primitives, and plugins are programmed on top of the API to implement search strategies. This architecture is set up for pure logical reasoning as well as for theory-specific reasoning, for various theories.

Release Functional Description: It is now equipped with the machinery to handle quantifiers and quantifier-handling techniques. Concretely, it uses meta-variables to delay the instantiation of existential variables, and constraints on meta-variables are propagated through the various branches of the search-space, in a way that allows local backtracking. The kernel, of about 800 l.o.c., is purely functional.