Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

We have several contracts with industrial partners interested in the design of electronic voting systems:

  • Since 2014, a collaboration agreement has been signed between Pesto and Scytl, a Spanish company which proposes solutions for the organization of on-line elections, including legally binding elections, in several countries. In this context, a first contract has been signed in 2016 to design a formal proof of both verifiability and privacy of the protocol developed by Scytl, for a deployment in Switzerland. In 2018, a new contract has been signed to adapt the previous security proof to the new protocol proposed by Scytl, in order to achieve universal verifiability.

  • The canton of Geneva signed a contract in October 2017 with Pesto and Caramba, as well as Manifold Security (Bogdan Warinschi and David Bernhard) to design a formal and cryptographic proof of individual and universal verifiability of the protocol developed by the canton of Geneva, for a deployment in Switzerland.

  • Docapost signed a 18-month contract in September 2017, with Pesto and Caramba, to enhance the voting solution of Docapost, in particular with respect to verifiability.