Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Licence:

    • Laurent Boudin

      • Introduction to series for signal theory, 18h, L2, UPMC

      • Calculus, 38.5h, L1, UPMC

      • Numerical methods for ODE, 53h, L3, UPMC

    • Muriel Boulakia

      • Projects on differential equations, 34h, L3, Polytech Sorbonne, Sorbonne University

      • Nonlinear systems and optimization, 35h, L3, Polytech Sorbonne, Sorbonne University

      • Numerical approximation of functions, 36h, L3, Sorbonne University

    • Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau

      • Control of dynamical systems, 32h, L3, Ecole Polytechnique.

    • Damiano Lombardi

      • Analysis and Scientific Computing, 32h, L3, ENPC

      • Numerical Methods, 48h, L3, Polytech'Paris

      • Reduced models for problems in high dimension, 18h, ENPC, L3

    • Irene Vignon Clementel

      • Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations, 24h ETD, L3, UPMC

      • Numerical simulations of blood flow, 2h30, as part of the undergraduate “continuum mechanics”, AgroParisTech

  • Master:

    • Laurent Boudin

      • Basics for numerical methods, 29h, M1, UPMC

      • Student advising for orientation and professional insertion, 20h, M1, UPMC

    • Muriel Boulakia

      • Preparatory course for teaching admission examination “Agrégation”, 40h, M2, Sorbonne University

    • Miguel Ángel Fernández Varela

      • Modeling and numerical methods for hemodynamics, 30h, M2, UPMC

    • Irene Vignon Clementel

      • MEC 550 - Biofluid Mechanics and Mass Transport, M2, 1h30, Ecole Polytechnique (engineering school), France

      • Annual ZCCE workshop, M2, 1h30, College of Engineering, Swansea University

      • Innovations thrapeutiques: du fondamental à l'appliqué, bioengineering module, M2, 1h, Paul Brousse Hospital, France

      • IFSBM (Institut de Formation Supérieure BioMédicale), M2, 1h30, Marie Lannelongue Hospital, France

      • M2 Sciences Chirurgicales de l'Université Paris Sud, 1h30, France


  • PhD in progress: Ludovic Boilevin-Kayl, Modeling of cardiac implantable devices, since February 2016. Supervisors: J.-F. Gerbeau & M.A. Fernández Varela

  • PhD in progress: Alexandre This, Fusion data/simulation for the assessment of mitral regurgitation, since January 2016. Supervisor: J.-F. Gerbeau

  • PhD in progress: Chen-Yu Chiang, Transport on biological systems and some applications, since February 2016. Supervisor: M. Thiriet

  • PhD in progress: Felipe Galarce, Enhancing hemodynamics measurements with mathematical modeling, since December 2017. Supervisors: J.-F. Gerbeau & D. Lombardi.

  • PhD in progress: Fannie Maria Gerosa, Immersed boundary methods for fluid-structure interaction with topological changes, since January 2018. Supervisor: M.A. Fernández Varela

  • PhD in progress: David Michel, Mathematical analysis of fluid-kinetic coupled models, since September 2018. Supervisors: L. Boudin & A. Moussa

  • PhD in progress: Nicolas Golse, Contributions of anatomical and hemodynamic modeling of the liver in the anticipation, realization and teaching of liver surgery, since November 2018. Supervisors: E Vibert and I. Vignon-Clementel.


  • Laurent Boudin

    • PhD committee: Nisrine Outada, Sorbonne Université & Caddi Ayad University, Gentien Marois, Insa Toulouse, Onera & CEA

    • HDR committee: Ayman Moussa, Sorbonne Université

  • Muriel Boulakia

    • PhD committee: Pierre-Elliott Bécue, Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest; Guillaume Delay, Univ Toulouse (referee); Sourav Mitra, Univ. Toulouse; Josef Kolumban, Univ. Dauphine; Fabien Wahl, Inria Paris

    • Hiring committee: CDI researcher, Univ. Bordeaux

  • Miguel Angel Fernández Varela

    • PhD committee: Rabii Mlika, INSA Lyon (president), Guillaume Delay, Universtié de Toulouse (member), Karol Cascavita, ENPC (member)

    • Hiring committee: Inria (DR2).

  • Céline Grandmont

    • Member of the “agrégation” jury in mathematics.

    • Hiring committees: Inria Rennes (CR2), Inria CRCN.

    • PHD committee: J.-C. Casanova, Toulouse University (referee), J. Kolomban, Dauphine Univ. (president), S. Girel, Lyon Univ. (referee), C. Taing, Sorbonne Univ.

    • HDR committee: A. Moussa, Sorbonne Univ.

  • Irene Vignon Clementel

    • Hiring committee: Nice University (MdC), Inria (CRCN), Inria (DR2, admission).

    • PHD committee: Clara Jaquet, ESIEE (member), Jules Dichamp, IMFT (referee) Noémie Boissier, UPMC (co-advisor) Mohamed Bekheit, U. Paris-Saclay (president).