Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives



Participants : Muriel Boulakia, Céline Grandmont [local coordinator] .

Period: 2015-2019.

The objective of this project, coordinated by Takéo Takahashi (Inria Nancy Grand-Est), is the mathematical analysis of systems involving structures immersed in a fluid. This includes the asymptotic analysis, the study of the controllability and stabilization of fluid-structure interaction systems, the understanding of the motion of self-propelled structures and the analysis and development of numerical methods to simulate fluid-structure systems.

Participation to other ANR projects
  • Laurent Boudin is a member of the ANR Blanc project Kibord on kinetic models in biology and related domains

  • Laurent Boudin is a member of the ANR TecSan Oxhelease

  • Céline Grandmont is a member of the ANR TecSan Oxhelease

  • Irene Vignon Clementel is a member of the project iLite (09/16-), RHU-santé grant, a large French hospital-medical research consortium that aims at developing innovations for liver and tissue engineering (Inria PI: Dirk Drasdo).