Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in European Programs, Except FP7 & H2020

  • Program: Celtic-Plus

  • Project acronym: SENDATE

  • Project title: Secure Networking for a Data center cloud in Europe

  • Duration: April 2016 - March 2019

  • Coordinator: Nokia France

  • Other partners: Nokia, Orange, IMT, Inria

  • Abstract: The SENDATE project aims to develop a clean-slate architecture for converged telecommunications networks and distributed data centers supporting 5G cellular networks and the needs from the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things. It aims to provide scientific and technical solutions for intra and inter data centrers security, control, management and orchestration, placement and management of virtual network functions, as well as high-speed transport networks for data centers access and interconnection.

Collaborations with Major European Organizations

We have a strong collaboration with the Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany. In particular, Sophie Quinton is involved in the CCC project (http://ccc-project.org/) to provide methods and mechanisms for the verification of software updates after deployment in safety-critical systems, and in the TypicalCPA project which aims at computing deadline miss models for distributed systems.

We also have a recent collaboration with the MPI-SWS in Kaiserslautern (Germany) on formal proofs for real-time systems. This collaboration will be concretized by an ANR-PRCI project called RT-PROOFS starting in 2018, which involves MPI-SWS, TU Braunschweig, Inria, and Onera.