Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Contracts with Industry

We are involved in a common project with the company AxesSim in Strasbourg. The objective is to help to the development of a commercial software for the numerical simulation of electromagnetic phenomena. The applications are directed towards antenna design and electromagnetic compatibility. This project was partly supported by DGA through "RAPID" funds. A CIFRE PhD has started in AxesSim on the same kinds of subjects in March 2015 (Bruno Weber). The new project is devoted to the use of runtime system in order to optimize DG solvers applied to electromagnetism [28]. The resulting software will be applied to the numerical simulation of connected devices for clothes or medicine. The project is supported by the "Banque Publique d'Investissement" (BPI) and coordinated by the Thales company.

National projects

  • PEPS "initiative Jeunes" CNRS . E. Franck, F. Drui, C. Courtès, "Design and analysis of implicit kinetic schemes".


The TONUS project belongs to the IPL FRATRES (models and numerical methods for Tokamak).

We detail the activity founded by the IPL FRATRES:

  • Guillaume Morel was a post-doctoral fellow until October 2018, under the joint supervision of Nicolas Crouseilles (team IPSO, Inria Rennes) and Michel Mehrenmerger.

  • Work session in Saint Etienne de Tinée with Inria CASTOR TEAM in July 2018.

  • IPL Workshop in Alsace with Inria TEAM CASTOR AND MINGUS + exterior in November 2018.

HPC resources

  • GENCI projet Simulations 3D de plasmas deux espèces avec des méthodes particulaires et semi-lagrangiennes: 400 000 scalar computing hours accepted in October 2017 on supercomputer OCCIGEN. Coordinator: Sever Hirstoaga

    Participants : Yann Barsamian, Sever Hirstoaga, Michel Mehrenberger.

  • PRACE project SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe: full simulation of an electromagnetic wave inside and outside a fully modelled human body: 40 000 GPU computing hours accepted in October 2017 on supercomputer Piz Daint. Coordinator: Bruno Weber

    Participants : Philippe Helluy, Bruno Weber.