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Section: New Results

Land Use and Transport Models Calibration

Participants : Clémentine Prieur, Arthur Vidard, Peter Sturm, Elise Arnaud.

Given the complexity of modern urban areas, designing sustainable policies calls for more than sheer expert knowledge. This is especially true of transport or land use policies, because of the strong interplay between the land use and the transportation systems. Land use and transport integrated (LUTI) modelling offers invaluable analysis tools for planners working on transportation and urban projects. Yet, very few local authorities in charge of planning make use of these strategic models. The explanation lies first in the difficulty to calibrate these models, second in the lack of confidence in their results, which itself stems from the absence of any well-defined validation procedure. Our expertise in such matters will probably be valuable for improving the reliability of these models. To that purpose we participated to the building up of the ANR project CITiES led by the STEEP EPI. This project started early 2013 and two PhD about sensitivity analysis and calibration were launched late 2013. Laurent Gilquin defended his PhD in October 2016 [46] and Thomas Capelle defended his in April 2017 and published his latest results in [2].