Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

H2020 Projects

  • SPARTA (2019-2022) - https://www.sparta.eu/

    SPARTA is a Cybersecurity Competence Network supported by the EU’s H2020 program (Grant agreement ID: 830892) and led by CEA. This 3 years project started in February 2019. It aims to coordinate and develop the implementation of high-level research and innovation in digital security, in order to strengthen the strategic autonomy of the European Union.The CIDRE team is involved both in the workpackage 2 (SPARTA Roadmap) that aims to develop an ambitious Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Roadmap and the workpackage 6 (SPARTA Program HAII-T) that will develop a foundation for secure-by-design Intelligent infrastructures. More precisely, in the context of a task dedicated to resilience-by-design, we design an intrusion detection mechanism that combines both signature-based and anomaly-based approaches.