Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

We have received the following international scientists:

  • M. Nakayama (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA): one week in July 2019.

  • DanHua ShangGuan (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, China), one month in September 2019.

  • Vamsi Bulusu from VJTI Mumbai visited us for 4 months between August and Novembre 2019.

  • Jorge Graneri (Sep.–Oct.) and Eduardo Mizraji (Sep.), UDELAR, Uruguay, in the context of the MASC project.

  • Nicolás Jara, UTFSM, Chile, Dec., in the context of the ACCON project.

  • Franco Robledo, UDELAR, Uruguay, in Feb.