Section: New Software and Platforms


Interoperability testing

Keywords: Interoperability - Conformance testing - CoAP - 6LoWPAN - OneM2M

Functional Description: The software is a framework for developing interoperability tests. The interoperability tests help developers of network protocol assessing if their implementations are conformant to protocol specifications, and interoperable with other implementations.

The software already integrates interoperability tests for CoAP, OneM2M and 6LoWPAN The framework provides the following features to the users:

  • Coordination of the interoperability tests (enabling remote testing )

  • VPN-like connectivity between users' implementations (enabling remote testing )

  • Analysis of exchanged network traces & issuing verdicts

  • Automation of open source implementations for based reference interop testing

This framework is the evolution of the CoAP Testing Tool (https://bil.inria.fr/fr/software/view/2937/tab)