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Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Cifre contract on Device-Assisted Distributed Machine-Learning on Many Cores

Participants : Corentin Hardy, Bruno Sericola.

This is a Cifre contract (2016-2019) including a PhD thesis supervision (PhD of Corentin Hardy), done with Technicolor. The starting point of this thesis was to consider the possibility to deploy machine-learning algorithms over many cores, but out of the datacenter, on the devices (home-gateways) deployed by Technicolor in users’ homes. In this device-assisted view, an initial processing step in the device may significantly reduce the burden on the datacenter back-end. Problems are numerous (power consumption, CPU power, network bandwidth and latency), but costs for the operator can be lowered and scale may bring some new level in data processing. The thesis has been defended in April 2019.