Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul, Sofiene Jelassi and Gerardo Rubino are participating at 20% of their time to the IRT BCOM granted by the ANR.

  • Yann Busnel is a member of the two following projects: INSHARE granted by the ANR (ANR-15-CE19-0024) and BigClin granted by the LabEx CominLabs (ANR-10-LABX-07-01).

IPL (Inria Project Lab) BetterNet

Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul, Gerardo Rubino and Bruno Tuffin are members of the IPL (Inria Project Lab) BetterNet: An Observatory to Measure and Improve Internet Service Access from User Experience, 2016-2020.

BetterNet aims at building and delivering a scientific and technical collaborative observatory to measure and improve the Internet service access as perceived by users. In this Inria Project Lab, we will propose new original user-centered measurement methods, which will associate social sciences to better understand Internet usage and the quality of services and networks. Our observatory can be defined as a vantage point, where: 1) tools, models and algorithms/heuristics will be provided to collect data, 2) acquired data will be analyzed, and shared appropriately with scientists, stakeholders and civil society, and 3) new value-added services will be proposed to end-users.

Inria Exploratory Action SNIDE We are leading of the Inria Exploratory Action SNIDE (Search Non neutratlIty DEtection) 2019-2023, involving Dionysos and MIMR (Grenoble).

Search engines play a key role to access content and are accused to bias their results to favor their own services among others. This has led to the sensitive search neutrality debate, similar to the network neutrality debate currently discussed on the role of ISPs. Our goal in this project is to develop and apply a methodology aiming at highlighting a bias and quantifying its impact.

An initial version of our meta-engine (which will be further develop by incorporating outlier detection tests) can be found at https://snide.irisa.fr/.