Section: Application Domains


Our global research effort concerns networking problems, both from the analysis point of view, and around network design issues. Specifically, this means the IP technology in general, with focus on specific types of networks seen at different levels: wireless systems, optical infrastructures, peer-to-peer architectures, Software Defined Networks, Content Delivery Networks, Content-Centric Networks, clouds.

A specific aspect of network applications and/or services based on video or voice content, is our PSQA technology, able to measure the Perceptual Quality automatically and in real time. PSQA provides a MOS value as close as it makes sense to the value obtained from subjective testing sessions. The technology has been tested in many environments, including one way communications as, for instance, in video streaming, and bi-directional communications as in IP telephony, UDP- or TCP-based systems, etc. It has already served in many collaborative projects as the measuring tool used.