Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Islam Boussaada is a member of the administration council of the Association SAGIP (https://www.sagip.org), which structures and promotes the disciplines of automatic control and industrial engineering at the national level.


Giorgio Valmorbida is a member of the ANR HANDY - Hybrid And Networked Dynamical sYstems (http://projects.laas.fr/handy). Project Summary: Networked dynamical systems are ubiquitous in current and emerging technologies. From energy grids, fleets of connected autonomous vehicles to online social networks, the same scenario arises in each case: dynamical units interact locally to achieve a global behavior. When considering a networked system as a whole, very often continuous-time dynamics are affected by instantaneous changes, called jumps, leading to so-called hybrid dynamical systems. The jumps may originate from (i) the intrinsic dynamics of the nodes, like in multimedia delivery with fixed rate encoding, (ii) intrinsic limitations of the control actions, possibly constrained to a finite set of possible selections, like in power converters within energy grids, (iii) the creation/loss of links or the addition/removal of nodes like in renewable energy systems and social networks. Hybrid phenomena thus play an essential role in these control applications, and call upon the development of novel adapted tools for stability and performance analysis and control design. In this context, the aim of HANDY project is to provide methodological control-oriented tools for realistic networked models, which account for hybrid phenomena.