Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


The DIVERSE team bears the bulk of the teaching on Software Engineering at the University of Rennes 1 and at INSA Rennes, for the first year of the Master of Computer Science (Project Management, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML, Design Patterns, Component Architectures and Frameworks, Validation & Verification, Human-Computer Interaction) and for the second year of the MSc in software engineering (Model driven Engineering, Aspect-Oriented Software Development, Software Product Lines, Component Based Software Development, Validation & Verification, etc.).

Each of Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Noël Plouzeau, Olivier Barais, Johann Bourcier, Arnaud Blouin, and Mathieu Acher teaches about 200h in these domains, and Benoit Combemale teaching about 100h, for a grand total of about 1300 hours, including several courses at ENSTB, Supelec, ENS Rennes and ENSAI Rennes engineering school.

Olivier Barais is deputy director of the electronics and computer science teaching department of the University of Rennes 1. Olivier Barais is the head of the final year of the Master in Computer Science at the University of Rennes 1. Johann Bourcier is the head of the Information Technology department and member of the management board at the ESIR engineering school in Rennes. Arnaud Blouin is in charge of industrial relationships for the computer science department at INSA Rennes and elected member of this CS department council.

The DIVERSE team also hosts several MSc and summer trainees every year.

Mathieu Acher gave courses to EJCP (Ecole Jeune Chercheur en Programmation), a well-known, national training school for PhD students http://ejcp2019.icube.unistra.fr/


  • PhD in progress: Alejandro Gomez Boix, Distributed counter-measure against browser fingerprinting, 2016, B. Baudry, D. Bromberg.

  • PhD in progress: Jean-Émile Dartois, Efficient resources management for hybrid cloud computing, 2016, O. Barais, Jalil Boukhobza.

  • PhD in progress: Alexandre Rio, Demand Side Management A model driven approach to promote energy self-consumption , 2016, O. Barais, Y. Morel

  • PhD in progress: Dorian Leroy, A generic and generative white-box testing framework for model transformations, 2017, B. Combemale.

  • PhD in progress: Fabien Coulon, Web engineering for domain-specific modeling languages, 2017, B. Combemale, S. Begaudeau.

  • PhD in progress: June Benvegnu-Sallou, Decision support for the assessment of risks associated with the operation of underground environments, 2018, J-R. De dreuzy, B. Combemale, J. Bourcier.

  • PhD in progress: Pierre JeanJean, Refining simulators by analyzing execution traces of complex systems, 2018, O. Barais, B. Combemale.

  • PhD in progress: Alif Akbar-pranata, Chaos Engineering for IoT and Network Services, 2018, O. Barais, J. Bourcier.

  • PhD in progress: Antoine Cheron, Abstractions for linked data and the programmable web, 2018, O. Barais, J. Bourcier.

  • PhD in progress: Gauthier Lyan, Urban mobility: machine learning for building simulators using large amounts of data, 2018, J-M. Jééquel, D. Gross Amblard.

  • PhD in progress: Hugo Martin, Learning variability, 2018, M. Acher.

  • PhD in progress: Luc Lesoil, Deep variability in large-scaled systems, 2019, M. Acher. A. Blouin, JM Jézéquel.

  • PhD in progress: Emmanuel Chebbi , Domain-Specific Language Reuse, 2019, B. Combemale, Olivier Barais, G. Leguernic

  • PhD in progress: Mohamed Handaoui, Scheduling Big Data applications in the cloud: the case of machine learning algorithms, 2019, Jalil Boukhobza. Olivier Barais.

  • PhD in progress: Romain Lebouc, Testing front-ends in a DevOps context, 2019, Arnaud Blouin, Noël Plouzeau, Alain Ribault.

  • PhD : Manuel Leduc, Formal and Executable Specification of domain-specific language families, dec 2019, O. Barais, B. Combemale, G. Leguernic

  • PhD : Youssou NDiaye, Modelling and evaluating security of authentication paths, dec 2019, N. Aillery, O. Barais, A. Blouin, A. Bouabdallah

  • PhD: Ludovic Mouline, Omniscient fault localization in IOT systems using model-driver data analytics, nov 2019, O. Barais, Y. Le-Traon, J. Bourcier [23]

  • PhD: Oscar Luis, Automatic test amplification, dec 2019, B. Baudry

  • PhD: Manuel Leduc, On modularity and performances of external domain-specific language implementations, dec 2019, B. Combemale, O. Barais

  • HdR : Arnaud Blouin, Contribution to the Engineering of User Interfaces, Univ Rennes, 30/08/2019 [22]


Jean-Marc Jézéquel

was in the examination committee of the following PhD and HDR thesis:

  • Yoann Blein, April 2019, Univ Grenobles Alpes (Examiner)

  • Jorge Roda, December 2019, Univ Sevilla (Examiner)

  • Emilien Lavigne, December 2019, Univ Bretagne Occidentale (President)

Olivier Barais

was in the examination committee of the following PhD and HDR thesis:

  • Benjamen Benni, December 2019, Univ Nice (Reviewer)

  • Ludovic Mouline, November 2019, Univ Luxembourg (Supervisor)

  • Leduc Manuel, December 2019, Univ Rennes (Supervisor)

  • Ndiaye Youssou, December 2019, Univ Rennes (Supervisor)

  • Davide Frey, December 2019, Univ Rennes (President)

  • Hanyang CAO, February 2019, Univ Bordeaux (Reviewer)

Arnaud Blouin

was in the examination committee of the following PhD thesis:

  • Youssou Ndiaye, December 2019, Univ Rennes (Supervisor)

Mathieu Acher

was in the examination committee of the following PhD thesis:

  • Frederic Verdier, December 2019, Univ Montpellier (Examiner)

Johann Bourcier

was in the examination committee of the following PhD thesis:

  • Ludovic Mouline, November 2019, Univ Luxembourg (Supervisor)

Benoit Combemale

was in the examination committee of the following PhD thesis:

  • Théo Zimmermann, Univ Paris (December 2019), (Reviewer)

  • Manuel Leduc, Univ Rennes 1 (December 2019), (Supervisor)