Section: New Software and Platforms

GEMOC Studio

Keywords: DSL - Language workbench - Model debugging

Scientific Description: The language workbench put together the following tools seamlessly integrated to the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF):

  • Melange, a tool-supported meta-language to modularly define executable modeling languages with execution functions and data, and to extend (EMF-based) existing modeling languages.

  • MoCCML, a tool-supported meta-language dedicated to the specification of a Model of Concurrency and Communication (MoCC) and its mapping to a specific abstract syntax and associated execution functions of a modeling language.

  • GEL, a tool-supported meta-language dedicated to the specification of the protocol between the execution functions and the MoCC to support the feedback of the data as well as the callback of other expected execution functions.

  • BCOoL, a tool-supported meta-language dedicated to the specification of language coordination patterns to automatically coordinates the execution of, possibly heterogeneous, models.

  • Sirius Animator, an extension to the model editor designer Sirius to create graphical animators for executable modeling languages.

Functional Description: The GEMOC Studio is an eclipse package that contains components supporting the GEMOC methodology for building and composing executable Domain-Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs). It includes the two workbenches: The GEMOC Language Workbench: intended to be used by language designers (aka domain experts), it allows to build and compose new executable DSMLs. The GEMOC Modeling Workbench: intended to be used by domain designersto create, execute and coordinate models conforming to executable DSMLs. The different concerns of a DSML, as defined with the tools of the language workbench, are automatically deployed into the modeling workbench. They parametrize a generic execution framework that provide various generic services such as graphical animation, debugging tools, trace and event managers, timeline, etc.

  • Participants: Didier Vojtisek, Dorian Leroy, Erwan Bousse, Fabien Coulon and Julien DeAntoni

  • Partners: IRIT - ENSTA - I3S - OBEO - Thales TRT

  • Contact: Benoît Combemale

  • URL: http://gemoc.org/studio.html