Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Participants : Daniel Augot, Alain Couvreur, Guénaël Renault, François Morain.

  • Through École polytechnique, Daniel Augot is leader of a teaching and research chair on Blockchains for business, funded by CapGemini.

  • IRT System-X funds a PhD student for Secure Multiparty Computation in blockchains

  • Ernst & Young funds a contract for providing PhD guidance to one of its employee, on the topic of blockchains

  • Idemia funds a CIFRE PhD student on the secure implementation in constrained environement of post-quantum cryptosystems.

  • Quarkslab funds a CIFRE PhD student on the analysis of malware code

  • French Min. Arm. funds a PhD student on the analysis of the ToR network

  • Grant with Nokia with the Privacy “Action de recherche”.