Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events: Selection

Member of the Conference Program Committees
  • Tokenomics 2019, International Conference on Blockchain Economics, Security and Protocols, Paris: D. Augot.

  • FAB 2019, Second International Symposium on Foundations and Applications of Blockchain, Los Angeles: D. Augot

  • ICBC 2019 (IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Seoul): D. Augot

  • CBT 2019 (3rd International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, Barcelona)

  • ECC 2019 (23rd International Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Bochum): B. Smith

  • Latincrypt 2019 (Santiago de Chile): B. Smith

  • C2SI (Codes, Cryptographie et Sécurité Informatique) 2019 (Rabat, Morocco) A. Couvreur

  • Eurocrypt 2019: D. Augot, B. Smith

  • Indocrypt 2019 (20th International Conference on Cryptology in India, Hyderabad):D. Augot

  • ISIT (International Symposium on Information Theory) 2019: D. Augot, A. Couvreur.

  • Latincrypt 2019. A. Couvreur.

  • SAC 2019: B. Smith

  • STACS 2020: B. Smith


Member of the Editorial Boards
  • F. Morain is member of the editorial board of the Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, Springer.

  • A. Couvreur is member of the editorial board of the Publications mathématiques de l'Institut de mathématiques de Besançon, Algèbre et Théorie des nombres.

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication, and Computing: B. Smith

  • Journal of Cryptographic Engineering: B. Smith

  • Journal of Cryptology: B. Smith

  • Publications Mathématiques de Besançon: B. Smith

  • Transactions on Mathematical Software: B. Smith

  • Designs, Codes and Cryptography: A. Couvreur.

  • IEEE, Transactions on Information Theory: A. Couvreur.

  • IEEE, Transactions on Communication: A. Couvreur.

Invited Talks

  • D. Augot was invited to the joint Caen-Rouen ArcoCrypt colloquium.

  • F. Morain was invited to give a talk at the seminar of the ARIC project-team in Lyon.

  • G. Renault was invited to give the main keynote at PHISIC'19 workshop (Gardanne)

  • G. Renault was invited to give a talk at the Workshop on Randomness and Arithmetics for Cryptography on Hardware (Roscoff)

  • G. Renault was invited to give a talk at the Journée Internationale Post-Quantique organized by Institut Cyber de Grenoble Alpes.

  • B. Smith was invited to give a talk at the Workshop on Arithmetic of low-dimensional abelian varieties at ICERM (Providence, USA)

  • B. Smith and A. Couvreur were invited to give a talk in the mini-symposium on isogeny-based cryptography at the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (Bern, Switzerland)

  • B. Smith was invited to give a talk in the Autumn session of Arithmétique en Plat Pays (Mons, Belgium)

  • A. Couvreur was invited speaker at the conference WCC (Workshop on Coding and Cryptography) 2019 Saint Jacut de la mer, France.

  • A. Couvreur was invited speaker at the conference NuTMIC (Number Theoretic Methods In Cryptography) 2019, Paris.


D. Augot is member of the scientific committee of the C2 seminar, which is the French wide, now itinerant, seminar of the subgroup “Codage et Cryptographie” of the CNRS GDR group “Informatique mathématique”.

Scientific Expertise

G. Renault was member of the Comité d'Évaluation du LJK (Grenoble) pour l'Hcéres.

Research Administration

  • F. Morain is vice-head of the Département d'informatique of Ecole Polytechnique; in charge of years 1 and 2 for Computer Science courses.

  • F. Morain is member of the Board of Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI); also a member of the board of the Cybersecurity track in the CS Master of IPParis.

  • Recruitment committees:

    • D. Augot participated in a selection committee for an Assistant Professor position at École polytechnique.

    • A. Couvreur is member of the commission scientifique of Inria Saclay's research centre.

  • Funding

    • D. Augot belongs to the Inria-NomadicLabs committee.

    • D. Augot belongs to MATH-INFO subcommittee of Saclay labex Laboratoire Jacques Hadamard, and has been replaced by A. Couvreur.