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Internal or external Inria responsibilities

Tamara Rezk was member of the editorial board of Interstices (https://interstices.info/) and Blog Binaire Le Monde (https://www.lemonde.fr/blog/binaire/).

Articles and contents


  • Nataliia Bielova: Moderation and Animation of the MOOC Protection de la vie privée dans le monde numérique, 05/2019-06/2019.


  • Nataliia Bielova made an intervention with high school students during Semaine De La Science with Cinesciences at the cinémathèque of Nice on 4 October 2019.

  • Celestin Matte presented his work on "Tracage Wifi et Bluetooth" at the public event called "Pas Sage en Seine" in June 2019, https://programme.passageenseine.fr/.

  • Nataliia Bielova made a presentation with BSc and MSc students during the ACM-W Ukrainian Chapter celebration on December 5, 2019, https://women.acm.org/2019-2020-celebrations/.

  • Imane Fouad presented her work on "detection of third-party trackers" at Inria PhD Seminars in December 2019.