Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


The CISC project (Certified IoT Secure Compilation) is funded by the ANR for 42 months, starting in April 2018. The goal of the CISC project is to provide strong security and privacy guarantees for IoT applications by means of a language to orchestrate IoT applicatoins from the microcontroller to the cloud. Tamara Rezk coordinates this project, and Manuel Serrano, Ilaria Castellani and Nataliia Bielova participate in the project. The partners of this project are Inria teams Celtique, Indes and Privatics, and Collège de France.

ANR PrivaWeb

The PrivaWeb project (Privacy Protection and ePrivacy Compliance for Web Users) is funded by the ANR JCJC program for 48 months, started in December 2018. PrivaWeb aims at developing new methods for detection of new Web tracking technologies and new tools to integrate in existing Web applications that seamlessly protect privacy of users.

Nataliia Bielova coordinates this project.


The ANSWER project (Advanced aNd Secured Web Experience and seaRch) is funded by PIA program for 36 months, starting January 1, 2018. The aim of the ANSWER project is to develop the new version of the http://www.qwant.com search engine by introducing radical innovations in terms of search criteria as well as indexed content and users’ privacy. The partners of this project include QWANT and Inria teams Wimmics, Indes, Neo and Diana.