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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in European Programs, Except FP7 & H2020

ZettaFlow: Unified Fast Data Storage and Analytics Platform for IoT

EIT Digital Innovation Factory

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Project title:

ZettaFlow: Unified Fast Data Storage and Analytics Platform for IoT


October 2019–December 2020

Technical Coordinator:

Ovidiu Marcu

Other partners:

Technische Universität Berlin and System@tic

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The objective of this project is to create a startup in order to commercialize the ZettaFlow platform: a dynamic, unified and auto-balanced real-time storage and analytics industrial IoT platform. ZettaFlow is based on KerA, a streaming storage system prototype developed within the KerData team. ZettaFlow will provide real-time visibility into machines, assets and factory operations and will automate data driven decisions for high-performance industrial processes.

FlexStream: Automatic Elasticity for Stream-based Applications


Project acronym:


Project title:

Automatic Elasticity for Stream-based Applications


January 2020–December 2021


Alexandru Costan

Other partners:

University of Dusseldorf (UDUS)

Elasticity is one of the key features of cloud computing providing virtual resources as needed according to dynamically changing workloads. This allows to minimize costs and reduce time-to-decision of IoT edge-cloud applications. However, while the underlying resources may easily be scaled many applications and services are not designed to support elastic scalability or require an administrator to manually control elastic scaling.

This project aims at developing concepts providing automatic scaling for stream processing applications. In particular, FlexStream aims at developing and evaluating a prototype which will integrate a stream ingestion-system from IRISA and an in-memory storage from UDUS. For this approach a tight cooperation is mandatory in order to be successful which in turn requires visits on both sides and longer exchanges, especially for the involved PhD students, in order to allow an efficient integrated software design, development as well as joint experiments on large platforms and preparing joint publications.

Collaborations with Major European Organizations


Gabriel Antoniu (as a working group leader) and Alexandru Costan (as a working group member) contributed to the new Strategic Research Agenda (version 4) of European Technology Platform in the area of High-Performance Computing (ETP4HPC).

Gabriel Antoniu and Alexandru Costan are serving as Inria representatives in the working group dedicated to HPC-Big Data convergence within the Big Data Value Association (BDVA).

International Initiatives
BDEC: Big Data and Extreme Computing

Since 2015, Gabriel Antoniu has been invited to participate to the yearly workshops of the international Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) working group focused on the convergence of Extreme Computing (the latest incarnation of High-Performance Computing - HPC) and Big Data. BDEC is organized as series of invitation-based international workshops.

In 2019 Gabriel Antoniu was invited again to contribute to the second and third workshops of the BDEC2 series, where he presented two white papers on HPC-Big Data convergence at the level of data processing.