Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Distributed Storage Systems - Elasticity - Benchmarking

Scientific Description: Pufferbench is a benchmark for evaluating how fast one can scale up and down a distributed storage system on a given infrastructure and, thereby, how viably can one implement storage malleability on it. Besides, it can serve to quickly prototype and evaluate mechanisms for malleability in existing distributed storage systems.

Functional Description: Pufferbench is a benchmark to designed to evaluate whether to use malleable distributed storage systems on a given platform. - It measures the duration of commission and decommission operations. - Its modularity allows to quickly change and adapt each component to the needs of the user. - It can serve as a baseline when implementing commission and decommission mechanisms in a distributed storage system.

Release Functional Description: This is the first release of Pufferbench.

It includes default components for each of the customisable components: - storage: in memory, on drive with file system cache, and on drive without file system cache - network: MPI network - IODispatcher: basic, and with acknowledgements - DataTransferScheduler: basic - DataDistributionGenerator: uniform, and random - MetadataGenerator: Files of same size The diversity of available components enables Pufferbench to fit to multiple use cases.