Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Oxford, UK:

An exchange project with the computer science lab of the University of Oxford is funded by the Université de Lille via the CRIStAL Lab. Links' members produced many common publications over the years with Oxford. Links' contact is C. Paperman.

Wroclaw, Poland:

S. Staworko has regular exchange with the University of Wroclaw. This has led to a publication at PODS [10] together with P. Wieczorek.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

S. Salvati and J. Niehren started a cooperation with the Saint-Petersburg State University, via a month-long visit by R. Azimov and S. Grigorev.

Oviedo, Spain:

I. Boneva has an active cooperation with the University of Oviedo.