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Section: New Software and Platforms


Python library for noun phrase COreference Resolution in natural language TEXts

Keyword: Natural language processing

Functional Description: CoRTex is a LGPL-licensed Python library for Noun Phrase coreference resolution in natural language texts. This library contains implementations of various state-of-the-art coreference resolution algorithms, including those developed in our research. In addition, it provides a set of APIs and utilities for text pre-processing, reading the CONLL2012 and CONLLU annotation formats, and performing evaluation, notably based on the main evaluation metrics (MUC, B-CUBED, and CEAF). As such, CoRTex provides benchmarks for researchers working on coreference resolution, but it is also of interest for developers who want to integrate a coreference resolution within a larger platform. It currently supports use of the English or French language.