Section: Research Program

Multiscale models in oncology

Project-team positioning

Cancer modeling is the major topic of several teams in France and Europe, including Mamba, Monc and Asclepios to quote only a few Inria teams. These teams try to model metastasis, tumoral growth, vascularisation through angiogenesis, or to improve medical images quality. Their approaches are based on dynamical systems, partial differential equations, or on special imagery techniques.

Numed focuses on the link between very simple partial differential equations models, like reaction diffusion models, and clinical data.


During 2018 we developed new collaborations with the Centre Léon Bérard (Lyon), in particular on the following topics

  • Barcoding of cells: thanks to recent techniques, it is possible to mark each cell with an individual barcode, and to follow its division and descendance. The analysis of such data requires probabilistic models, in particular to model experimental bias.

  • Apoptosis: the question is to investigate whether the fate of neighboring cells influence the evolution of a given cell towards apoptosis, starting from videos of in vitro drug induced apoptosis.

  • Dormance: Study of the dynamics of cells under immunotherapy, starting from experimental in vitro data.

  • Colorectal cancer: In vitro study of the role of stem cells in drug resistance, in colorectal cancer.


  • Centre Léon Bérard (in particular: Pr Puisieux, G. Ichim, M. Plateroni, S. Ortiz).