Section: Dissemination


Journée Science et Musique (JSM 2019)

Participants : Nancy Bertin, Rémi Gribonval, Nancy Bertin, Frédéric Bimbot, Ewen Camberlein, Stéphanie Gosselin-Lemaile, Corentin Louboutin, Antoine Chatalic, Clément Gaultier, Cássio Fraga Dantas, Diego Di Carlo.

with contributions and support from: Claire Cury, Elisabeth Lebret, Valérie Gouranton, Ronan Gaugne, Florian Nouviale, Evelyne Orain, Agnès Cottais, Catherine Jacques-Orban and many more.

PANAMA coordinated the organization of a public event called “Journée Science et Musique” (“Music and Science Day”). This yearly event organized by the METISS/ PANAMA Team since 2011 aims at sharing with the wide audience the latest innovations and research projects in music. The motivation for hosting this event is to explain and promote the technology behind audio-processing that people face in their daily lives. The event is free to everyone and people have the possibility to attend talks by selected speakers or meet numerous experts that demonstrate current projects in which people can interactively participate. Edition 2019 hosted approximately 300 visitors and was a partner of the “Festival des Sciences” and an official event of CNRS 80th birthday celebrations.

Participation to Equinoxes#1

Frédéric Bimbot gave a popularization conference at the Equinoxes#1 event, organised by Artoutaï (13 October 2019), on "the mysterious spectrum of sound" (4 times during the day)

Internal or external responsibilities

Frédéric Bimbot is a member of a working group of the CNRS/DR17 on the topic "changer le regard sur le handicap au travail"