Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries

Patrick Reignier teaches

  • elected member of the Conseil des Etudes et de la Vie Universitaire of Grenoble INP

  • nominated as a member of the Conseil de la Formation Continue de Grenoble INP

  • co-director of the "formation en apprentissage" of Ensimag (3 years program : 1 year for the Licence and 2 years for the Master)

  • Supervises the industrial part of the “formation en apprentissage” of the Ensimag engineering school.

James Crowley and Dominique Vaufreydaz co-direct the Graphics - Vision - Robotics Specialisation of the MoSIG M2 Masters.


James Crowley teaches

  • M2 MoSIG Computer Vision

  • ENSIMAG 3 Machine Learning.

  • M1 MoSIG Intelligent Systems.

  • ENSIMAG 2 Intelligent Systems.

Patrick Reignier teaches

  • Projet Genie Logiciel, 55h eqTD, M1, Ensimag/Grenoble INP, France.

  • Développement d’applications communicantes, 18h eqTD, M2, Ensimag/Grenoble-INP, France

  • Introduction aux applications reparties, 18h eqTD, M2, Ensimag/Grenoble- INP, France

  • Applications Web et Mobiles , 27h eqTD, M1, Ensimag/Grenoble-INP, France

  • Projet Systeme, 12h eq TD, M1, Ensimag/Grenoble-INP, France

  • Projet C, 20h eqTD, L3, Ensimag/Grenoble-INP, France.

Thierry Fraichard, taught Autonomous Robotics, 22.5h eqTD, M2 MOSIG, Univ. Grenoble Alpes.


Thierry Fraichard directed the following Doctoral students

  • Jose Grimaldo Da Silva Filho, "Human-Robot Motion, a Shared Effort Approach", Octobre 2015, Thierry Fraichard and James Crowley.

  • Matteo Ciocca, "Safe Robot Motion", Octobre 2016, Thierry Fraichard and Pierre-Brice Wieber.

James Crowley directed the following Doctoral students

  • Nachwa Abou Bakr, "Recognition, Modeling and Description of Manipulation actions "

  • Thomas Guntz, "Estimating Expertise from Eye Gaze and Emotions", co-directed with Dominique Vaufreydaz


Patrick Reignier served as a president of the Doctoral Jury for

  • Van Bao Nguyen

  • Alessandro Fenicio

James Crowley served as a president of the Doctoral Jury for

  • Mathieu Barbier

  • David Sierre Gonzalez