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Section: Application Domains

User centred energy management

Participants: Amr Al-Zouhri Al-Yafi, Amine Awada, Patrick Reignier Partners: UMR G-SCOP, UMR LIG (Persuasive Interaction, IIHM), CEA Liten, PACTE, Vesta Systems and Elithis.

Work in this area explores techniques for a user centric energy management system, where user needs and tacit knowledge drive the search of solutions. These are calculated using a flexible energy model of the living areas. The system is personified by energy consultants with which building actors such as building owners, building managers, technical operators but also occupants, can interact in order to co-define energy strategies, benefiting of both assets: tacit knowledge of human actors, and measurement with computation capabilities of calculators. Putting actors in the loop, i.e. making energy not only visible but also controllable is the needed step before large deployment of energy management solutions. It is proposed to develop interactive energy consultants for all the actors, which are energy management aided systems embedding models in order to support the decision making processes. MIRROR (interactive monitoring), WHAT-IF (interactive quantitative simulation), EXPLAIN (interactive qualitative simulation), SUGGEST-AND-ADJUST (interactive management) and RECOMMEND (interactive diagnosis) functionalities will be developed.