Section: Application Domains

Interaction with Pervasive Media

Participants: Sabine Coquillart, Jingtao Chen

Partners: Inria GRA, GIPSA, G-SCOP

Pseudo-haptic feedback is a technique aiming to simulate haptic sensations without active haptic feedback devices. Peudo-haptic techniques have been used to simulate various haptic feedbacks such as stiffness, torques, and mass. In the framework of Jingtao Chen PhD thesis, a novel pseudo-haptic experiment has been set up. The aim of this experiment is to study the EMG signals during a pseudo-haptic task. A stiffness discrimination task similar to the one published in Lecuyer's PhD thesis has been chosen. The experimental set-up has been developed, as well as the software controlling the experiment. Pre-tests are under way. They will be followed by the tests with subjects.