Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

We have several contracts with industrial partners interested in the design of electronic voting systems:

  • Since 2014, a collaboration agreement has been signed between Pesto and Scytl, a Spanish company which proposes solutions for the organization of on-line elections, including legally binding elections, in several countries. In this context, a first contract has been signed in 2016 to design a formal proof of both verifiability and privacy of the protocol developed by Scytl, for deployment in Switzerland. In 2018, a new contract has been signed to adapt the previous security proof to the new protocol proposed by Scytl, in order to achieve universal verifiability.

  • Docapost signed a 18-month contract in September 2017, with Pesto and Caramba, to enhance the voting solution of Docapost, in particular with respect to verifiability.

  • IDEMIA signed a 2-year contract in January 2019, with Pesto and Caramba. The goal is to design a voting protocol adapted to the elections they plan to organize, in various countries. This includes the use of smartcard, yet without having to trust them. Once designed, the protocol will be formally analysed with the tools developed in the team such as ProVerif or Tamarin.