Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Conference Program Committees

– F. Cazals was member of the following PC:

  • Symposium on Geometry Processing.

  • SIAM Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling.

  • International conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics.

Ph.D. thesis and HDR Committees

– F.Cazals acted as rapporteur of the following habilitation defense:

  • Dave Ritchie, University of Nancy, April 2011, Rapporteur. Habilitation memoir on High performance algorithms for molecular shape recognition.


– F. Cazals is member of the scientific committee of GDR Bio-informatique-Moléculaire, in charge of activities related to computational structural biology.

– F. Cazals is member of the scientific committee of the exposition Leonard de Vinci: la Nature et l'Invention, Cité des Sciences.

– Until September 2011, F. Cazals was coordinating, together with Pierre Kornprobst, the Master of Science in Computational Biology and Medicine, http://cbb.unice.fr .