Section: Software


Participant : Jens Gustedt.

ORWL is a reference implementation of the Ordered Read-Write Lock tools as described in [3] . It implements interfaces for locking and data management that easily allow to have an overlap between communication and computation. The main tool here is the introduction of a “handle” on a local or remote resource that can be used to trigger asynchronous prefetching of control and/or data. Also it implements a second layer of abstraction for the seamless programming of iterative tasks. With that layer iterative algorithms can be implemented that have guarantees for equity and deadlock-freeness.

ORWL is a standalone library that works on shared memory and in distributed settings. The implementation is uniquely based on C99 and POSIX. ORWL has already been registered at the APP. Final tests and benchmarks are on the way to ensure the quality of the implementation before it will be made publicly available.