Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Contacts and Grants

ANR ITEmIS: IT and Embedded Integrated Systems

Participants : Mohammad Ashiqur Rahaman, Sandrine Beauche, Amir Seyedi, Nikolaos Georgantas.

  • Name: ITEmIS – IT and Embedded Integrated Systems

  • Related activities: §  6.3

  • Period: [January 2009 – December 2011]

  • Partners: Thales Communications S.A, EBM Websourcing, Inria ARLES, Inria ADAM, LAAS - CNRS, ScalAgent, IRIT.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), as a key architectural pattern for prompt and rapid integration, is today a cornerstone of the agile Information Technology (IT) wave. Indeed, most of today's greatest successes, in terms of bringing agility to the whole enterprise through its IT backbone, have been provided by SOA and its major technological counterparts that are the Web Services and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). At the same time, large control and command systems are envisaged, which may roughly be described as net-centric assemblies of heterogeneous lightweight sensors and actuators along with several large control systems. To accomplish such systems, there is currently a strong need of techniques at the cutting edge of technology that could bring seamless integration and deployment of lightweight embedded applications and IT services in a global agile system of services. In this context, ITEmIS aims at easing the evolution from today's world of separate lightweight embedded applications and IT services to the future world of seamlessly integrated services, thus qualifying and defining a new generation SOA enabling IT and Embedded Integrated Systems (ITEmIS systems).

ANR MURPHY: Dependability-focused Evaluation of Sensor Networks

Participant : Animesh Pathak.

  • Name: MURPHY – Dependability-focused Evaluation of Sensor Networks

  • Related activities: §  6.5

  • Period: [January 2011 – December 2013]

  • Partners: CNAM, Inria ARLES, LAAS - CNRS, SmartGrains, Univ. Valenciennes.

Murphy aims at easing the development of dependable and pervasive applications built on top of robust wireless sensor networks, thus providing a mean for early detection of possible failures, by estimating dependability metrics. This endeavor is undertaken by providing:

  • Fault detection based on in-network event processing,

  • Fault injection which attempts to accelerate the occurrence of faults so as to judge the quality of the error handling and hence, facilitate the evaluation of dependability,

  • Advanced code dissemination across sensor networks, which is intended to (i) enable the dynamic and distributed insertion of faults and (ii) hide from the end user the complexity related to this task,

  • Suitable abstractions to reason on faults, wireless sensor networks, data-centric and event-driven applications.

The aforementioned components enable to detect faults, diagnose possible causes and select appropriate corrective actions, and therefore to consolidate the dependability of sensor applications.

Inria D2T Action de Developpement Technologique Srijan

Participants : Animesh Pathak, Iraklis Leontiadis.

  • Name: SrijanData-driven Macroprogramming for Heterogeneous Sensor

  • Related activities: §  6.5 , §  5.5

  • Period: [October 2009 – September 2011]

  • Partners: Inria (CRI Paris-Rocquencourt, EPI ARLES)

Macroprogramming is an application development technique for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) where the developer specifies the behavior of the system, as opposed to that of the constituent nodes. In this research, we are working on Srijan, a toolkit that enables application development for WSNs in a graphical manner using data-driven macroprogramming, including specification of application as a task graph, customization of the auto-generated source files with domain-specific imperative code, specification of the target system structure, and compilation and deployment of the macroprogram into individual customized runtimes for each constituent node of the target system.

Inria D2T Action de Developpement Technologique MobiTools

Participants : Valérie Issarny, Bachir Moussa Tari Bako.

  • Name: MobiToolsEnvironnement de développement logiciel pour plateforme mobiles

  • Related activities: § 5

  • Period: [January 2011 – December 2012]

  • Partners: Inria (CRI Paris-Rocquencourt, EPI ARLES)

As part of the development of our software prototypes, MobiTools focuses on setting a supporting continuous integration platform (compilation, test, profiling, quality).

Inria DTI Action de Transfert iBICOOP

Participants : Valérie Issarny, Roberto Speicys Cardoso.

  • Name: iBicoop Middleware for mobile collaborative applications

  • Related activities: §  5.7

  • Period: [November 2009 - April 2011]

  • Partners: Inria (CRI Paris-Rocquencourt, EPI ARLES)

The Action de transfert iBicoop supports the development of the iBicoop middleware towards its transfer to industry and more specifically its exploitation by the Ambientic spin-off for the development of innovative, mobile collaborative services.